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    I want to have operable clerestory windows over a brand new french sliders. Those windows will probably need a flush header because I only have 8' high ceiling height. I asked a contractor about this and he insisted I would nt be able to do this. An architect I know is remodeling a home with windows all the way to the ceiling. When is a flush header not a good idea. Is it just too expensive?

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    A header of any kind is not possible where there is not enough clearance for a properly sized structural member, such as along an eve edge of the roof. If your door is on a gable end, then it may be possible to install a flush header, depending on how your home is constructed.

    If you don't think you're getting accurate information from contractors, then have your architect friend over to assess the situation. If they're a really good friend, then they may be willing to draw up the plans for such a modification at a reduced rate or in trade for dinner or something of that nature.
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    flush headers for french doors are possible, ive done several of them in instances where ceiling height is an issue, now mind you if this is in a renovation situation it makes things much harder as your working with very little space to get the header in place and it depends on which way the joists are running

    if the joists are bearing on the wall the door is going in you will probably have to erect a temporary wall on the inside then remove the siding above the door location so to set the header from the outside,

    now if its for an addition or new construction the simplest method is to triple up the rim board or set a engineered beam across the opening on top of the the top plate then hang joists off the beam with hangers, if the joists are parallel just go with the header then you dont have to worry about hanging joists
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    Hmm --- now if you have engineered roof trusses that bear on this wall adds some complexity. In that case the bottom cord of the truss is typically the ceiling joist and would require those trusses to be engineered / approved to be modified for hanging from the header.

    To add to Sprucey's point about having the architect to evaulate and possibly provide the necessary engineering --- since you are altering structure you need a professional enginner's stamp of approval for the building permit.

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