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    Question Need Advice: Cool rooms without windows or ducts

    I live in a multifloor condo and the two rooms on my third floor do not have windows. In the summer these rooms are too warm to utilize. Although my home has central air these rooms do not have ductwork installed so the air does not reach these rooms. The closest vent is in the hallway on the staircase but it does not give off enough cool air to impact these rooms. What are my options to cool these rooms? Would a split a/c system solve this problem? I have had a few contractors evaluate the space and none have been able to figure out hoe to install ductwork that would tie into the current central a/c system.

    As we have a small space, not using these two rooms in the summer is very problematic and I need to resolve soon as I plan to turn one of the rooms into a room for our infant.

    Both rooms have roof access (b/c they are on the third floor). One room has a skylight that does not open, I am willing to remove or change the skylight.

    Help! If anyone has any ideas please respond to this post.

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Cool rooms without windows or ducts

    A windowless ventless room. Sounds like a closet.

    Certainly doesn't sound like it would meet life safety codes, fire safety, residential codes regarding fire exits for a sleeping room, should the door way be impassible - no alternative exit.

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    Default Re: Need Advice: Cool rooms without windows or ducts

    A split unit would be one option, a portable air conditioning unit in each room is another option, and a powered vent fan may be another.
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