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    Default Drywall over Plaster

    I have recenlty purchased a house built in 1900. It has a couple of what appears to be minor spots in the plaster ceilings that needs fixed. Would it be better to get the plaster fixed or just have drywall hung over the plaster? I would rather not have to keep getting the cracks fixed if/when the pop back up and think drywall might eliminate this issue. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Drywall over Plaster

    Repair the existing plaster, if done correctly the plaster should not crack.
    Structure movement would and will cause cracking.
    For repair I would use a veneer/Venetian type plaster check on the following products in your area.
    Use lime based material only.
    Franklin Stucco products
    American Clay
    Master of Plaster
    Of the above products the M.O.P would be my choice but the others will work.
    Reason for my choice it is the most user friendly and in some cases the lower cost of the above.
    Also look at the repair area and if it exceeds about 1/3 of the total sq/ft of the ceiling than skim the entire surface and no repair lines will show and final surface will be monolithic.

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