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    Default bath tub drain conundrum


    The drain in my Kohler - jet tub is destroyed. My very "handy-man" husband agreed to replace it until he took one look and found there are no cross bars to attach a tool to. They are corroded away.
    The conundrum is : how to get the old drain out to replace it?? Please help! Advise?

    Very gratefully yours
    John F's wife

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    Default Re: bath tub drain conundrum

    This is where you find out how good your husband is with a sawsall or recripricating saw. He will have to cut off the old drain WITHOUT cutting into the fibergalss of the tub. It will be just like cutting off a nut from a rusty bolt that is stripped.
    Process of elimination. Good luck.

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    Default Re: bath tub drain conundrum

    There is a tool for that. It is used with a socket wrench.

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    Default Re: bath tub drain conundrum

    First be sure the drain isn't installed with a nut on the under side. Not all are screwed in from the top.
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