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    Default Halogen light issues

    I bought my house as new construction 9 years ago. The halogen light fixture above the kitchen island has worked perfectly until now. The bulb burned out the other day and when I installed a new bulb, it immediately blew out when I flipped on the switch. Being careful to insure I used the correct size bulb, I have now tried 3 times to install a replacement and each time the bulb immediately blows. Do I need to call an electrician? Can anyone help me to see the light? Thanks.


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    Default Re: Halogen light issues

    When you take the lamps out of the package it is imperative that you do not touch the lamps with your fingers. The oil from your fingers will cause the lampss to fail. Handle them with either clean oil free cloth gloves or with tissue paper so they stay clean and oil free. Also make sure the lamp is not only the right size but the right voltage rating.
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    Default Re: Halogen light issues

    If you do touch the bulb inadvertently, wipe it off with isopropyl rubbing alcohol to remove the skin oils. Let it dry completely before turning it on.
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