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Thread: vinyl siding

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    Default vinyl siding

    looking for a clear coat to apply to protect the color that is fading, the company went out of business probably because of this problem.No more claims can be filed against this company looking for a suggestion.

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    how old is the siding, i doubt they went out of business do to their product fading.

    vinyl does fade over time its just something that happens and why vinyl is considered one of the cheapest form of siding
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    Rather than a clear coat, I would suggest that you merely repaint your siding. Vinyl siding accepts paint very well and the modern acrylic paints hold their color very well. I would caution to not choose any color darker than the present. Dark color can cause the siding to warp on a hot summers day. PVC starts to distort at a mere 130 degrees, an easily obtainable temperature on a dark surface.

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