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    Default Kitchen Sink Gurgles

    We just purchased a house that has had a second kitchen added. The doouble kitchen sink does not appear to have/be connected to a vent and makes a gurgling noise after the faucet/water is shut off. Is it the lack of a vent that is causing the problem? Is there a silencer device that I can add/install in place of a vent? If so, where do I get it, what is it called and how do I install it? If not, is there another solution. If it is not a vent problem then what else could it be?
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Kitchen Sink Gurgles

    We were having the same problem our kitchen sink would take forever to drain and then gurgle all I did was ad a vent into the system, where your trap goes into your drain line just above it I extended the 1 1/2 in. pipe up and installed the vent as close to the top of the sink as possible and now the sink drains fine. The reason why i tried this was because when we lived in a moble home in Fla. all the sinks had a vent under the counter because we didnt have a central vent up through the roof and being the sink in our current home runs to the basement sewer drain in the floor without a vent I just put 2 and 2 together. If this is the right fix please let me know, Id like to know if im just jury fixing it or doing it right.


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