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    Default water damage to BR ceiling

    Hello to all,
    My upstairs BR tub leaked Had floor fixed and tub re caulked. Leak stopped Now, BR downstairs shows damage. Its popcorn ceiling. We sc****d away the area and found black stuff on ceiling.
    What should i do?

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    Default Re: water damage to BR ceiling

    Mary Kay,

    How extensive is the damage? Is it a large area? Does the drywall appear to be sagging? Is the drywall spongy feeling.

    If it is spongy or sagging, I would cut out the damaged area and replace with new drywall.

    It sounds like you have some mold involvement. At a minimum, I would treat the surface with a clorine bleach solution to kill the active surface spores. If the water problem has been solved, I would not neccessarily open the ceiling up.

    Personally, I would use the opportunity to get rid of all the popcorn in the room. However, short of that, there are ways to touch up the popcorn with equipment that is available at paint stores or home centers. These are air pump like devices that shoot up the popcorn texture onto the ceiling.

    The popcorn would then be primed and the whole ceiling painted. Primers and premium paints generally have mildecides which should aid in preventing the mold from re-appearing.

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