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    My 1920s home needs wall repair over horsehair plaster. Walls are very uneven; we stripped every layer of paint off down to bare plaster in most places. What can I use to texture the wall - drywall joint compound?

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    The first thing to consider in plaster repair is...Is your plaster stable, cracked, missing pieces, or having cosmetic issues? Stability: Once you stabilize plaster anything you do after that will last. If the plaster is not stable, no repair will last. If you have cracks, press on each side of the crack. if the sides move independently then the plaster needs to be stabilized. Here is an article from TOH on-line.,00.html
    It is the quickest and easiest method to stabilize plaster to wood lath or brick (terra cotta) I have found. I have also had success in using it with cracked plaster over wire lath, gluing the two side of the crack together as well as injecting the glue through the lath helping the plaster to hold on that way as well.
    Once the plaster is stable you can skim it with ready mix joint compound. The cracks should not reappear and you can texture it anyway you wish. Good Luck

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