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    Red face engineered lumber

    I have been thinking about building my own shop
    and it would be a 40'x40', I was wondering if I would
    be able to use the engineered I-beam for the ceiling joist
    because it will have a upstairs to it. I really would like to keep the whole 40'x40' opened. So do they make them 40' long
    or longer?

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    Default Re: engineered lumber

    They will make them as long as the trailer they carry them on. You'll have to check with their engineering dept as 40' is a lot to clear span. You'll likely need a midspan support. It may be possible to make that end supported only. The engineers would know.

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    Default Re: engineered lumber

    Depending on the roof structure you plan to be using there is the consideration of having engineered roof trusses to incorporate the floor joists as part of the truss. In other words the collar ties of the truss are engineered to also carry the load of a second floor.

    The wood I beams can be available up to 60 feet long , keeping in mind the longer they are the deeper they become.

    Check this link from GP :

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