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    Default blown in insulation

    My husband and I have a home which is 26 years old. It has blown in insulation. We were told that blown in insulation settles after time and is not as efficient at insulating. We would like to add more blown in insulation on top of the old to help defray heating and cooling costs, but my husband is worried about the possibility that the extra weight on our drywall ceilings may pose a problem. Does anyone have an answer to this question? Can you safely add MORE blown in insulation on top of old and will it sugnificantly help defray energy costs?

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    Because you're adding the weight across a very large area, the drywall will be able to handle it just fine. If you were to point load, say by putting your foot on the drywall/insulation rather than keeping them on the joists, then you'd have problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheryl kreutzer View Post

    Can you safely add MORE blown in insulation on top of old and will it sugnificantly help defray energy costs?
    Sprucey pretty much summed it up with regardes to the weight --- shouldn't be a problem.

    As far as significantly defraying energy costs --- that will depend on what the total R value will be.
    Cellulose insulation doesn't really loose too much R value when it settles in a horizontal configuration such as in an attic --- settlement is factored into it's R value. The whole settling issue was more from vertical configurations such as blown into walls --- the settling could create a void at the top of the walls leaving a small area of little to no insulation because of settling. However, for some years now many blown celluose installations are done with a dense pack technique which minimizes settling issues for the most part.
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