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    Default Cutting back old radiator pipes.

    I am looking for an easy way to cut or remove old radiator pipes that are currently flush with a hardwood floor that we are going to refinish. We want to plug the holes but most of the pipes are flush or just above the floor level. We have tried using an "easy out" but this warped or cracked the pipe. A reciprocating saw doesnt seem to get deep enough. A dremel tool creates too many sparks and would go through blades too quickly. Ther is little or no play to move the pipes up or down as they 90 towards the wall about six inches below floor level. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Cutting back old radiator pipes.

    Cut a 2" holesaw hole into the flooring around the pipe; through that hole use a sawzall to cut the horizontal section of pipe; patch with a plug cut with a 2 1/8" holesaw. Sometimes we cut square patches 3/8" thick stock that sit on a ledge left by cutting a 3/8" deep recess with a router. Too many big round plugs look sketchy in a floor, IMO. Square plugs look more crafty.
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