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    Default Add new roof to exist roof

    I'm adding a room to the rear of our house; Mobile, AL, south exposure. Exist. roof is Tbr-line shingles, 4 yrs. old, essentially "welded" together as one layer. What is best way to separate the row where I have to add the new roofing under the shingles?
    Note: new roof is only 1.5 on 12, so I've decided to use one-piece rubber roofing. More info if desired. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Add new roof to exist roof

    Unless; the shingle starter row was glued down, you should be able to separate the shingles with a flat bar. The catch is that the work has to be done while the roof is cool/cold, once they warm up all they'll do is tear. When you put them back down, have yourself a caulking gun with roofing tar loaded into it to patch small tears or nail pulls.
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