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    Default kitchen sink "gurgles"

    our kitchen sink will "gurgle" when the washing machine located in the laundry room next to the kitchen discharges.

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    Default Re: kitchen sink "gurgles"

    Washing Machines, particularly the new ones, discharge at a very high volume. It's moving a very high volume of water and displaced air through your drain system and very likely blowing out (pushing all of the water out of) your P-Traps.

    This is often the result of adding a new Washing Machine to an old drain system and, in particular, a system which was never designed for high volume drainage.

    Drain systems in a home are, often times surprisingly, much more complicated than they may seem. Water rushes downward and it displaces air which tends to move upward and also draws air from above.

    Your Washing Machine drain should feed into a 2" pipe leading down and also have a vent to supply air nearby to access air from above.
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