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    In the spring I want to build some garden boxes to plant vegatables. I want to use some old pressure treated lumber I have. The wood is 15 years old and was previously a deck. Is it safe to use the pressure treated. My boxes would be about 16 by 10 raised about 24 inches thank you

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    The reason that the older type pressure treated lumber (CCA) was phased out, was that it leaches an inorganic form of arsenic which is both directly poisonous and a carcinogen. Since the majority of pressure treated lumber 15 years ago was treated with CCA, I would say not to use it for this purpose.

    I would not recommend using CCA lumber in a garden, especially if you are planning to have an edible garden crop. Although there is some debate about the quantity of inorganic forms of arsenic being taken up into plants your exposure working the garden to contaminated soil, and its ability to contaminate the eco system (and water sources) are not debated.

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    I agree with Blue Ridge Parkway
    Debby in Oklahoma

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