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    Red face How can I cover old tiled countertop?

    I need to do something with my kitchen countertop. It had been tiled with 4" tiles, and the grout is falling through. I can't stand tiles on the countertop, cannot roll out pie crusts on it. It is also a bother to try and keep clean and tidy. Is there anyway to trowel something over it and then glue down laminate? I am looking for a quick, cheap fix until I redo the kitchen in a few years.

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    Default Re: How can I cover old tiled countertop?

    The cheapest fix is to regrout the tile. After that would be to remove the tile and install preformed laminate tops. You can purchase precut pieces at any home center in both straight runs and 45* cuts. You can also order custom lengths/angles if necessary.

    Trying to band aid or overlay the existing tile will not work and you'll end up spending as much or more trying to "cheap it by" rather than just replace it. Trust me, after nearly 30 years in the remodeling industry, "cheap" never works, inexpensive repairs on the other hand are well worth the effort, especially if your future remodel doesn't change the lay out of the kitchen, then the new laminate counters will likely work perfectly for the new renovation, so money spent now won't be wasted.
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