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Thread: flood in Garden

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    Default flood in Garden

    I have an area that is 28' by 18' that I'm turning into a veggie Garden. This is in south Jersey which means that I have a large amount of sandy soil with some clay mixed in. My promblem is that the front end of the garden floods with water during a heavy rain.
    I dug a trench about 24" deep at a corner of the front end to see if the water would drain. But that just fills up with water and takes about 48 hrs. to drain out.
    So it seems I have a drainage problem, which needs to be solved before I can continue with the Garden design.The area that floods is the front 18' of the Garden,which also floods 4' back into the garden. So far I've tried raised beds but I really don't like it.This is an Organic Garden so whatever I do should not disturb the elments of the soil. I need help!

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    When you have a drainage problem, you need to install a drainage system to remove excess water. Water can be redirected to natural and municipal drain systems, but not to adjoining properties.

    You may be able to control some of the flooding by regrading if you've got enough elevation change from the problem area to natural/municipal systems.
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