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Thread: Recaulking tile

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    Default Recaulking tile

    I don't see any other forum for something like this.
    A contractor tiled my bath a few years ago, and less than a year later the caulk between the tile and tub was cracking. I taped over it with some plastic sheeting and finally getting around to doing it.
    The caulk is hard as a rock. I got some Caulk Be Gone that's supposed to turn it into soft putty. 5 hours later it's still hard as a rock. I even got a special tool to take it out and smooth the new caulk in. Doesn't do anything.
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Recaulking tile

    Are you sure its not grout? sounds like you need a tool for removing grout not caulk.

    Oklahoma City, OK

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    Default Re: Recaulking tile

    Hi Chris, if it is caulk, a lot of new utility knife blades and hard work. If it's grout you could use a Roto-Zip or similar tool with appropriate bit to dig it out but be very careful! One false move and you could damage the tub or tile.

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