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Thread: Sanding belts

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    Default Sanding belts

    I would like to know if anyone knows what kind of adhesive they use to glue sanding belts together when they make them. I have tried several things to repair them when they break or come apart but nothing seems to hold them. I really hate it when they are not that old.

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    Sometimes you just get a bad lot, sometimes the glue is old and doesn't hold. Your best bet is to just toss them and buy a better brand of belt.
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    They usually use a thermosetting tape (like 3M 365). Nothing like heat and pressure to really make things stick. Your probably not going to be able to do this at home, that is unless your really well off and enjoy having industrial machinery around.

    You may want to try and contact the manufacturer, or the store where you purchased the belts, sometimes they will stand by their products and offer replacements.
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