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    Default Non-skid front stairs & walkway


    Our front steps need repainting this summer. They get pretty slippery from rain/condensation. Short of covering all the steps and the entire walkway with a lot of non-skid strips, how can we make them safer? I've heard that contractors sometimes add sand to their paint, too.

    Details: The porch is wood, and the 7 steps and 30 foot walkway are both concrete. The walkway is at a slight angle down to the sidewalk.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Non-skid front stairs & walkway

    You can buy anti-skid paint, which is essentially just sand in the paint, or you can add texture sand to your own paint. Another method would be to apply a coat of paint then broadcast the sand into the wet paint. Once dry, second coat it with a slightly thinned application of paint.

    Make sure you're using a paint suitable for the material being painted and the environment and duty in which it must perform.
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