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    Default Growing grass where I removed trees?

    Hello, I need help. Two years ago I cut three large maple trees in my back yard. The stumps were ground below grade but the guy left all the chips in the hole. I dug out the chips to about 6" and backfilled with a compost and loom mix. Added starter fertilizer and Pennington grass seed. Not much grass grew, just splotches here and there. I just can't grow grass where the trees were. What am I doing wrong? Help!


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    Default Re: Growing grass where I removed trees?

    I personally have never had good luck with seed. If you can get it to germinate, it takes months for it to even think about filling in. If you mixed soil and compost as you backfilled the holes, then I doubt the problem is with the soil itself and more about bad seed, not enough water seed must be kept moist to germinate, otherwise it either stays dormant or rots in the ground.

    If it were me I'd either plant another tree in those locations or I'd lay sod. If the rest of the yard is in sad shape, you might think about sodding everything rather than just the patches, that way you'll have a great looking new lawn.
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    Default Re: Growing grass where I removed trees?

    You may have to add some Ag lime to the area. Decomposing trees and leaves make the soil acidic.
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