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    Default kitchen lighting

    I was thinking about putting european track lighting down center of ceiling in an open kitchen, in other words over traffic area.
    Not sure how it will look and was wondering if I could get some feedback. I am trying to sell house and did not want to turn away
    potential buyers.

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    Default Re: kitchen lighting

    Have you tried to take a picture of the space and photoshop in teh fixtures to get an idea of what it would look like?

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    Default Re: kitchen lighting

    Track lighting is usually utilized for specific applications like work areas or highlighting artwork, etc., and not used for general lighting. Track lighting doesn't appeal to everyone either since it tends to be harsh and leaves strong shadows. I don't know whether your application is high end , low end or in the middle, but I would suggest you look to install a generic area lighting fixture for a walk space. You might keep in mind that since the house is to be sold, the new owners would probably want to do their own decorating i.e., selecting their own fixtures, which would negate your financial investment.

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    Default Re: kitchen lighting

    We have a 1920 craftsman home and have track lighting in the kitchen and hallway. To me it looks very nice and the halogen bulbs give great light. We went with a plain black fixture in a "z" pattern on the ceiling and were able to add lots of light to our high-ceiling, large kitchen without punching holes and installing tons of recessed fixtures.

    So far no one has said that the more modern fixtures look out of place in our kitchen and we love it.

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