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    Default Plaster Ceiling Cracks Hydronic Heat

    Few contractors I've worked with have seen a heating setup like ours. Our house was built in the early 50s. We have hydronic heat, copper pipes embedded in the ceiling plaster on the first floor, and in the concrete in the basement floor. The system works great, however; we get cracks in the ceiling where the pipes run. Repairing the cracks is a temporary fix at best. Any advice on a long term solution, other than converting to gas forced air, would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Plaster Ceiling Cracks Hydronic Heat

    If the copper piping in the ceiling is embedded into the plaster then I could see this happening. The copper tubing expands a fair bit and the plaster wouldn't move at the same rate. Since plaster is rigid it would crack because it's not forgiving to movement.

    It may be a matter of the water running through the piping is too hot causing too much movement of the copper piping. In which case it would be a matter of reducing the temperature of the water supply to the ceiling loop.

    Whether or not this would remedy the problem is just a guess.
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