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    Question hole in ceiling

    i have a lathe and plaster ceiling that cracked and fell to the floor i now have a 4ft.x6ft. hole in my ceiling. how do i fix this. This cracked because I did a poor job of trying to fix this before.
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    Idon't know if you're really wanting to use more wood lathe but if you do, screw it to the ceiling joists and it'll never come down again. You may want to look at rock lathe as an alternative. It's specially made for plastering over it and you just screw it to the wall/ceiling, just like drywall. It's not as thick and heavy though and will bond to the plaster.

    Good Luck.

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    Thank you. The lathe is still in place. So your idea about attaching the rock lathe sounds good. I think the reason it fell is I put too much plaster to make up space difference between the two levels, plus I must have a roof leak because I noticed some of the lathe was wet.

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