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    Default claw foot tub with shower attachment

    We have a claw-foot tub with a shower attachment. The faucet was leaking, so my husband replaced it. Now the pipe coming up from the floor (the cold water pipe, at this time) leaks...so I've just been having everyone turn that cold water pipe connection thing-y off after showering as my husband says it can't be fixed...that they don't make claw foot tubs anymore for a reason. However, claw-foot tubs are still being made, are they not? And if they're still being made, there must be ways/plumbing parts/plumbing techniques to accommodate their use. It would be lovely to be able to fix it. My husband hates the claw-foot tub (even though he's the one who bought it, and had it put in, when we were renovating our home) and I sometimes wonder if he purposely tells me that something can't be fixed BECAUSE he hates it so much. A new bathroom is not in his budget, my budget, our budget. Although, if claw-foot tubs really are as "worthless" as he says, perhaps we need to find the money in our budget. Feedback? Help? Suggestions? Thank you!

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    Default Re: claw foot tub with shower attachment

    We moved into a Victorian home with a claw foot tub and it was difficult to find parts. The big box stores carry nothing, and many ****** auction sites only carry ersatz claw foot tub parts for new construction. However there are source for new parts that fit old tubs. Do a google search on vinatge tubs, clawfoot tubs, etc.

    I found an old time hardware store near me that had the right faucet, but at retail of nearly $370. I got the manufacturer's model number and was able to find it ****** for $180. The old hardware store also had washers and odd ball parts that fit other old parts in the house. It's usually 20% more expensive than the big box stores, but I pay the premium. It's when the premium gets over 50% that I search for other sources.

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