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    Exclamation vinyl wall covering removal

    I am looking for help as how to remove old vinys wall covering to get the paper backing off withour damaging the sheet rock face. Thank you

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    I've tried many ways but like using a steamer the best. You can use one of those little devices that you rub all over the wall and it puts holes in the wallpaper. Then you spray a wallpaper stripper all over the face and it seeps into the backing of the vinyl. Then you pull it off. You may have to sc**** it too.

    I bought a steamer at Home Depot (~$50) and have done two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a kitchen with it. It still takes about the same effort but the vinyl will come off much cleaner and you damage the wall much less. I'll never use any other method.

    Good Luck.

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    If you have removed the top layer and just have the paper left, the best and cheapest way is to use a mixture of fabric softener and water. 2 to 1 mixture. Get a spray bottle and soak the paper down then wait a few minutes and it should come off easy, and it's non toxic along with smells pretty good. You can get the cheap fabric softener at any dollar store.

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    Question, is this a stick framed home or a mobile/modular home? If it's a stick frame, then the vinyl is applied to a prefinished wall. You may or may not get it off without wall damage, it depends on the condition of the wall before the vinyl was applied. If it's a mobile/modular home, then the vinyl is a part of the drywall, it is not an applied surface and you won't remove it without destroying the drywall.
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