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    Cool Resizing an exterior door

    Fire codes dictate that there be a steel/thermal door from the attached garage into the house (living room). Door is a 20 yr old Castlegate Thermal Entry door. Am laying new hardwoord flooring over the old so now bottom of the door will not clear floor. What to do? Lift door and casing? Trim door? Will it/will not compromise warranty/guarantee and will it nullify effectiveness of the door?

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    Default Re: Resizing an exterior door

    never heard of anyone laying a 3/4" hardwood floor over a 3/4" hardwood floor. but let's say that you are doing that and now need to solve the door problem. what i would do it remove the door and jamb, cut out the header and raise it up. then reinstall the door over the new floor, reinstall the trim and you'll have to patch up the bottom on garage side below the threshold. not a huge deal, but you're looking at about 3-4 hours plus patching and painting time.

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    Default Re: Resizing an exterior door

    Do you have any shops in the area that you live in that might handle recycled construction bits and pieces? I'm thinking that someone with a house built around that same time (and there was a lot of construction being done in the mid-50s) may have gutted a similar structure and the doors might still be available. Just a thought, good luck.

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