All right, I know that when it comes to a waterproof membrane for your roof, nothing beats Grace Ice and Water shield. I'm in the process of requesting proposals for a roof replacement, and all of the roofers so far have submitted proposals for using a competing brand of "ice and water shield", either winterguard from Certainteed or the comparable from GAF. My question: do I insist on my roofer using the Grace brand product?
So far all roofers have said basically the same thing, that winterguard works "just as well as grace". Frankly, I don't believe that, and I think they include the other brands in their bid, because it's cheaper and thus lowers their bid price and enhances their chance to win the job. Plus, I think it's much easier to roll on the certainteed winterguard, which is much more user friendly then the Grace, which isn't very user friendly. Basically, it amounts to an extra $200 in material to upgrade to Grace Ice and water shield, which I have no problem paying the extra money. What does everyone think?