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    Unhappy addition pulling away from house

    I bought this home 6 months ago, the home is 50+ years old. The addition on the back is 30 years old and within the last few months i have noticed a crack in the brick work outside and now i have a hump in my kitchen floor where the addition meets the older house. I don't know what to make of it, wouldn't the settling be done by now? I live in michigan and it is cold with a lot of snow, i worry that i might have a sink hole or something going on in my backyard. I don't know what to do, part of the addition is my daughters room. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Default Re: addition pulling away from house

    Howdy need to determine if it is heaving or setteleing.
    Fist make sure drainage is away from this area and if rain gutters extend 8' away from house.
    If it is setteling consider mud jacking - pressure injected concrete- stabolizes the soils and lifts the foundation back up. Have a bid and consider have a soils enginer inspect too.

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    Default Re: addition pulling away from house

    I had the same problem with a 70 year old house I am renovating. There was a addition to the rear that was pulling away from the main house. It was determined that the foundation was the real problem, it was not as sound and built as well as the one under the original house. Because I am renovating this house to its original construction, for me it was a simple decision to remove the addition. I doubt that is an option for you, so I recommend that you have a foundation spe******t check the foundation under the addition and see if you have a problem there. I do know that the concrete used in the early years is a lot different than the later formulations. It could be that you have two different types of concrete that expand and contract at different rates.
    Good luck and I hope you find a simple solution.

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