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    Default Delta Single Handle tub faucet leaking

    I have a delta single handle tub faucet that leaks all the time. I have bought the seats but I can not figure out how to get the faucet apart to replaace them. I thought about replacing the ball at the same time, but like i said, i cannot get the faucet/valve apart. Can someone help.

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    Default Re: Delta Single Handle tub faucet leaking

    Go to Delta's website and find an exploded view of your faucet. This will usually tell you how to get it apart.

    Are you sure that your shower valve doesn't use a cartridge rather than a ball and seat?
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    Default Re: Delta Single Handle tub faucet leaking

    Delta's are pretty easy to repair but the model of your particular shower control would help. If it's a Delta Monitor have a look at this article. Delta Monitor repair
    Delta's have a lifetime warranty and their customer service is usually very good, just send an email.
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