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    Question Add sheen to deck

    Last night we treated our deck with Olympic Deck Treatment Semi-Transparent Stain. I love the color, but would love to add some sheen to the deck. The color is dull. Any suggestions? Would putting a second coat of stain help? Thanks,Noma

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    Default Re: Add sheen to deck


    Follow the instructions on the can as to re-coating. If it is an oil stain, the oil could well just pool on the surface and remain sticky for months! This is generally true of all oil stains. The wood should be allowed to drink up all the oil it an absorb, but no more. Any oil on the surface must be wiped off!

    Unfortunately, the gloss you desire comes from a build up on the surface, such as occurs with varnish. Varnishes are impenetrable by water vapor and almost guaranteed to peel if used on a deck! The typical construction of decks allows too many ways for water to enter the wood. If the varnish prevents the water vapor from exiting on a hot summers day, it will pop the varnish!

    Sikkens, by Akzo Nobel, does have an oil product that has a high level of sheen, but it is not to be used on a deck with 4 feet of the ground.

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