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    Question salvaging floor tile

    Just updated my kitchen and broke a couple porcelain/ceramic floor tiles in the process. I'm all out of spares and the ones Daltile just shipped me aren't even close (even thought it's the same series and shade). I'm thinking of "trying" to remove a couple tiles from the closet floor. Anyone have any success stories or advice? Thanks

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    Default Re: salvaging floor tile

    Hate to say it .... if the tiles were properly laid in the correct adhesive they should never be able to come up without breaking them.
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    Default Re: salvaging floor tile

    I've had some success removing smaller 4x4" or less in size, floor tiles that were set in "mud". Much easier to remove from walls set with more of a mortar around the fireplace. I used the multimaster to remove grout and to cut between the tile edge and the floor (started at the edge of the field where I first removed a sacraficed broken tile and stole from tiles on the floor of a built-in pantry). Then switched to a thin diamond blade for a saw and a bunch of thin ridgid long tools like SS not to flexible putty knifes, and thin pry tools. I broke about a third of them, working out channels for access. when I could get three sides free the multimaster could cut no problem, trick was to remove lots more grout then you thought you needed to, less grout there easier it was. I've also had less success trying to save tiles set in thinset but i've managed to get a few. Under the refrigerator or dishwasher perhaps where replacing them (after patching and repairing the underlayment/backerboard) with different colored but otherwise matched ones wouldn't matter there, right? if they're porcelin you can wet grind.

    If they were set in adhesive you can cut out the grout warm the tiles and soak them with warm water and vinegar that usually makes the adhesive turn to mush and they'll pop off pretty easy just work around the edges and slowly move around a lot and work them up a bit at a time so you don't snap them. If water and vinegar doesn't goo up the adhesive try orange oil or soy gel type removers, or mineral spirits or goo gone.

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