Hi, I need help urgently, have 8 months old baby living in the house with toxic mold odor. No visible mold was found. Had air samples taken and lab reports show toxic mold - stackybotrys. Removed carpeting through out the house, no mold was found. Had a contractor wipe down the floors with biocide and run air scrubber for 2 days. Air samples were taken after the cleanup was performed-las report shows no mold in air. Moved back in the house. Smell comes from basement to first floor. Cut out drywall to see if anything behind the walls - no mold found. Thermal imaging done - nothing was found in the house. Running out of ideas. Done everything home inspectors or contractors suggested. Already spent more than $10K, but still no success. Is it possible to have somebody from old house come and take a look at the situation at my place? Please help!! getting health issues now. Thanks for any help in advance.