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    Default Leaky 20-year-old sash windows

    Please let me know how to correct 20-year-old sash windows that leak when it rains? Also where to get bottom locks for these windows? An early response would be so appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Leaky 20-year-old sash windows

    Are the windows in reasonably good shape, or are they far enough gone that a window replacement would be in order?

    Could you advise from where the windows are leaking?

    There are several areas that could cause a window to leak, so it's important to pinpoint the water source.

    On the exterior side of the window at the top, there should be a piece of thin aluminum or vinyl strip across the top, called a drip cap; this deflects the water from the house siding above the window.

    There are seams around the perimeter of the window that can lose their caulking; if so, re-caulk with silicone or acrylic caulking designed for windows.

    If the glazing around each glass pane is loose, broken or missing, this will also let in water; the loose material can be CAREFULLY removed with a chisel & new glazing ((putty) rolled into a pencil-thin bead & glazed in (it is very easy to break the glass pane while doing this, so work carefully; if any glass is cracked, many local hardware stores provide a glass-cutting service; but you must have the EXACT pane measurements written on a piece of paper when you go in).

    If you don't know where the leak is, play the garden hose on the closed window exterior for a minute or two & check the inner side for water leakage.

    Window locks are available at the big box stores, hardware stores, or lumber specialty yards.

    Google "repairing windows" leaks glass glazing for more info on this topic.
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