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    Default Thru-the-wall air cinditioners

    Hello, I have a thru-the-wall air conditioner that is 25yrs old and needs replacement. The room this ac cools is 12'x17'. When shopping for a replacement I've found that acs have gotten smaller, so to fill the hole I need an ac 2x as large as the current one. We just had new siding put on the house 2 years ago (duh) Would it be ok to: a smaller model (3in),use the current sleeve and stuff it with insolation? OR 2.Buy a 15,000 btu ac to fill the hole & keep it on low. I feel that this could be a good subject for discussion. I think that many homeowners with thru-the- wall acs may not know that sleeves are required and that replacing the units is not the same as replacing a window unit. Any assistance would be appreciated. Bob Cruickshank:

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    If I were you and Central A/C was out of the question I'd have the hole sealed up and go with a Ductless Split, it's less as invasive and there pretty quiet. You can get them in diff. BTU's and some have Multiple Cassettes so you are able to cool more than one room. The choice is yours but the Ductless will add more value to your home. Also was your A/C System sized right???
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    Manufacturers that make through the wall air conditioners make them all the same size. They will come with a kit to help seal up the sleeve. You should be able to find the manuals ****** to see if your sleeve will be compatible with their kit. The kits aren't anything special so you could just fill it in with insulation as you had asked if you had to. They do come with a nice trim that covers the old sleeve.

    Make sure you are buying a through the wall a/c and not a window unit. They are different. Window units have vents on the sides and will be blocked by the sleeve. It will most likely result in poor performance of the a/c should you use one like that.

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