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    Default Recessed lights solution?

    I live on the top floor (2nd floor of 2-levels) of a condo. I have the incorrect type of 3" recessed lights installed and would like to know what my best option is to fix this.

    I purchased the type that should be used where there is no insulation. I was going to remove the insulation from the ceiling to be able to use these lights, but at the last minute, decided to keep the insulation and just push it back by about a foot (but I'm afraid it will creep back closer to the lights at some point). These lights have automatic shut off once it reaches a certain temperature, but I'm still afraid to have these lights on for a long period of time. I would like to stay with the 3" (or smaller) size. Someone suggested putting coffee cans around the lights. I don't think I can find housing for these lights since they are already in a kit.

    Below are the lights I have:

    White Gimbal Trim for New or Remodel Construction 3" Mini Downlight Housing & Trim


    Commercial Electric

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Recessed lights solution?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernie_Fergler View Post
    Here's mine.
    Take the cans back and purchase IC fixtures. You will never have to wonder if the insulation will creep back, plus you have the benefit of a better insulation job.
    I would not modify the units with a coffee can. But that is just me. Maybe others have done just that and has worked out well.
    I'm afraid you are correct. I just didn't want to spend the $ on IC fixtures- the costs for the housing are high!

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