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    Default Pennsylvania Fireplace Laws

    I was considering installing an unvented gas fireplace insert in my faux fireplace and wanted to know if anyone knows the PA laws on them. I read that some states do not allow the installation of them. I cannot do a vented fireplace because I am in a row home and wouldn't have a way of venting it.

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    I don't care what the code rules are where you're at when it comes to this subject, there are ways to vent horizontally direct vent: I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND to install a combustion appliance without a means to vent to the outdoors the products of combustion. My 2nd cousin had one of these, 02, CO sensors and all. All I can say is we thank GOD his newborn child and wife were still recovering in the hospital and he got out with just CO poisioning, the Family dog however, a 40 lb sheppard died from asphyia, when the unvented gas "fireplace" heater malfunctioned.

    If you can't find a way to vent it, get an electric heater/fake fireplace some of them are quite realistic looking and have inserts that produce a lot of heat. There is an Amish company in PA that makes the mantles you buy the mantles and the electric heater insert faux fireplace insert is free.

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