We have a sunporch that we what to change into a den. The walls are made of a rough text wood (don't know what kind). They were stained over 20 years ago and now have some water stain from a leaky roof that is now fixed. The room has lots of windows and door openings, so there is not that much area to paint or stain. Both of us agree that painting the room a light color would make it look much more finished and brighter.

Husband: The rough wood is going to absorb too much paint and will take too many coats. Wants to clean, sand and restain.

Wife: Thinks the look of the paint will be worth any extra work. Wants to clean, spray a sealant and spray paint for quick surface coverage.

Advice for your opinion of best method please? Suggestions for cleaners, sealers, stains or paints appreciated. We already own a compressor and spray equipment so that will not be an added expense.

Thanks for your help!

Sam & Donna