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    Question attic flooring search...

    Hello all! New to the forums, just one question for now...

    I started adding an attic floor a year or so ago. Money's always tight, and Home Depot had some nice smooth 12-1/2" x 48" (19/32"), tongue-in-groove panels, 4 to a pack. So I would buy a few batches at a time, as I could afford to do so.

    Of course, Home Depot stopped carrying them.

    Has anyone seen these? They don't have any brand name or fancy packaging, just four boards shrink-wrapped with a 4" x 2" sticker that said "attic floor" and C 482-585 (plus two bar codes).

    If I can't find them, I guess I'll just have to square the ends off (I was staggering them) and put something else in for the rest.

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    Default Re: attic flooring search...

    You might want to take a package, at least the labeling, back to Home Depot and have them check with surrounding stores to see if there's any stock left in the system. If not, see if they can special order it or give you more info on it so that you can find it elsewhere. Don't just talk to the grunt on the floor, talk with the special order desk and the store manager, both with have more knowledge and information than the general isle rat.
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