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Thread: My Fan Blows

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    Question My Fan Blows

    I have a 10 x 7 bathroom upstairs and we recently put in a higher end vent/light combination.I have seen many times on TV where the contractors hold a tissue up to the vent and it sucks to tissue to it.Mine seems to blow the thing away and I have checked and rechecked for a blockage or clog and found none.I beleive the thing is working, could it be wired backwords,any ideas ? Thanks Chuck

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    Default Re: My Fan Blows

    My guess is that either the fan CFM is rated higher than the ducting can handle or the line is blocked in some manner. Have you checked for airflow at the exhaust point outside the house? I'd start there and if there's no or low flow, start tracing the ducting to make sure it's not crushed or blocked. The only other thing I can think of is that the fan housing is designed to exhaust in two different directions and you neglected to knock out the hole in the housing.
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