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    Default How do most cooling systems work on laptops?

    Do the fans suck hot air from the bottom and blow it out the side or do they just blow the hot air down?

    Specifically a dell inspiron 1150 but any will do.

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    Default Re: How do most cooling systems work on laptops?

    We bought my Daughter a laptop when she started her first year in college and I was worried about the thing over heating. I went ****** and found a few sites that showed you how to put something together that would keep it cool, everything from standoffs to raise it up for better airflow to a ram air system that looked cool, (no pun intended). From what I read most off these are used for gamers but to answer your question the air gets sucked in through the bottom and out the sides. Keep it on a flat solid surface so the air will flow freely, not like my Daughter that uses it on her bed, she's going to buy the next one or pay to get this one fixed.

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