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    Default running electrical lines

    Some time ago I saw, on TV, an easy way to run electrical lines thru conduit by tying a rag to twine large enough to plug the conduit and sucking the line thru the conduit by using a shop vac, then tying the twine to the wire and pulling it back thru the conduit. Has anyone done this and does it really work?

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    Default Re: running electrical lines

    I wouldn't recommend using a rag. There is to great a chance of it snagging on and burrs in the conduit. Tyeing a large knot in the end of the line is usually more than sufficient.
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    this is an excellent way to pull wire!! we do it all the time, but its in industrial settings with very long pulls and many of them, so its by far the fastest method. greenlee actually sells "mice" which you tie right on to the string. twine can be used, but sometimes it breaks easlier than the actually greenlee string they sell for this purpose. if you dont wanna buy the "mice" then just get like a ziploc bag and tie it to the string. make it fill the pipe for best results.

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