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    Default IDENTIFY SAW BLADES??? (am a girl...don't know??)

    Tried to post pic...sorry. Will describe. Am thinking hand-held hacksaw, not reciprocating -- only because of screw holes at each end. Fairly new blades.

    Description -- 12 1/2" long, straight, tiny teeth, with holes on both ends to fasten into 'something'??? LENOX. Markings say "8D, 1.4mm, 18T (that shows as eighteen T, not i8T), Bi-Metal, then a number...218HE. Just trying to figure out what they go to. Having yard sale but don't want to sell if I have what they belong to (fiance died last year and left me with tons of tools ????)or if they're more valuable than $1 each. Noticed on Lowe's site that some blades were like $32 each.???

    Doesn't seem to be to a recrocating saw according to pics on Lowe's since those don't have a 2nd hole at the end. Wish I could post pic but can't figure out how to. Sorry....

    Could really use answers since sale is tomorrow AM.

    TKS, Bonnie aka brit 5467

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    Default Re: IDENTIFY SAW BLADES??? (am a girl...don't know??)

    Sounds like hacksaw blades.

    As for what they're worth, one dollar each at a yard sale is fair.

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    Default Re: IDENTIFY SAW BLADES??? (am a girl...don't know??)

    Sounds like hack saw blades to me as well.

    To post a pick, below the box where you write your text to post you 'll see "Additional Options" and "Manage Attachments". "Manage Attachments" will allow you to upload an image to the forum.

    If the image is hosted ****** already, then in the tool bar of the text box you'll see an icon that looks like an envelope (4th from the right ). Click that and paste the address to the image.
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    Default Re: IDENTIFY SAW BLADES??? (am a girl...don't know??)

    Typical hacksaw Lenox hacksaw blade Blades generally sell for about $3 for two.

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