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    Default VCT - How do i clean it and seal it?

    I have researched this topic as I have unsealed VCT in my house. Newly installed. I am trying to learn how to clean it and seal it. Every "How-To" I have found is different. Any "professionals" have any answers they care to share? thanks in advance

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    Default Re: VCT - How do i clean it and seal it?

    I'm no expert, but when I was a kid I worked in a Hospital, and the floors were stripped ( I believe a stripper chemical) and then waxed. I believe the stripping was done by putting down the stripper and then going over it with a machine (orbital). I believe the wax was put down with mop, and then buffed after some drying time.

    sorry, it's been a long time...my memory might be incorrect and who knows if this is still the way they do it today.

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    Default Re: VCT - How do i clean it and seal it?

    You can use an acrylic "wax" like Future, which is still available almost anywhere. But I bet there's a commercial finish that's a lot better. On the bottle of future it says it's removed with ammonia cleaner.
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