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    Default staining heart pine flooring??

    We are having an ongoing debate as to wether or not stain our 100 year old heart pine flooring. We are leaving the upstairs natural - doing a waterlox/tung oil finish. The downstairs is more formal. Complete with a sitting parlor and lots of antiques. I like the look of a darker wood for our decor, hubby is afraid that staining the heart pine will come out uneven. Has anyone had good success at staining their original heart pine a darker color?? If so, what was your process?? Thanks!

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    Default Re: staining heart pine flooring??

    The company I work for restored this house last year. We took up the original flooring (1817) had it re-milled, and I reinstalled it. We did a 6 step finishing process. Conditioner, two different tones of stain, and three colors of tinted wax as the finish. All this to make the floor seem instantly old, and avoid any blotching. Ordinarily, I like the old wood to speak for itself, but I can't argue that this floor isn't a very good end result.

    Another floor in the same house, sc****d (not sanded) and waterlox'd 2 coats:

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    Default Re: staining heart pine flooring??

    You have to use a conditioner for pine floors before staining them or they will not take stain evenly. A conditioner is available at any good hardware store, paint store or Home Depot etc. Then stain it a color of your choice, darker is better then lighter for pine floors, and then poly it. We have done plenty of our pine floors in our 98 year old apartment building and they all look great.

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