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    Default Where can I find 25" air diffusers?

    WE want to replace the air diffusers in our 1970 ranch home, but can only find 24" diffusers! that leave a gap before the molding.... any ideas how to locate or order 25" diffusers? I thought this would be an easy replacement! not so...

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    Default Re: Where can I find 25" air diffusers?

    You might be able to install a new piece of trim & use the 24" items.

    Is this for a forced hot air system, & is it a floor register, wall register or ceiling register??

    I've seen them in the r e michel catalog listed under Lima Register, among others.

    Check your local Yellow Pages under Furnace & Duct Supply & HVAC distributors for r e michel, Sid Harveys, Simon Supply, Pameco, Johnstone Supply, etc---add a .com to these to see if they have a branch store in your area.

    The sites below have some 25" items listed.

    Hope this helps.
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