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    Default Insulating 1900's home

    I am looking at buying a home built in 1900. It looks like it needs a lot of work. One of my concerns is the level of insulation. I had two thoughts about this.

    In both cases I would (if I bought the home) eventually gut each room and convert to drywall, so I'd have access to the exterior cavities. I assume a home built in 1900 would be balloon frame.

    The two scenarios I can envision are.

    1) Hire a company or rent a foam insullation sprayer as I gut each room and do foam insulation in the walls to seal all gaps and then drywall over.

    2) This option would be when I gut each room use some type of batt insulation and possibly foam board over top (1/2-1") and then drywall.

    Thoughts? Is it possible to rent a foam insulation sprayer?


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    Default Re: Insulating 1900's home

    two years ago i bought an old house built in the 1900s. I have blown $600 worth of cellulose into the attic, put reflectix in the crawl space, sealed all the leaks i could find with cans of foam and caulk, and put new replacement windows in. I have spent around $2k on the projects. I have cut my heat bill in half. I am paying about $200/mo in the coldest winter months to heat a 1900sf old house in Indiana w/ a heat pump.

    My point is, you may not need to go all out and get foam in all the walls, etc. Just a few inexpensive projects could save you a substantial amount of money.

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