We have been living in a new house for about 5 years now. Is there anything that we should be doing to condition our house and keep it in a good condition?

For example,

What should we do about the leaves in the gutters? Hire someone or do it ourselves?

There is a weird smell that is coming from the faucets. What should we do? Get someone or buy a solution?

How should I clean the dirty black stuff behind the dryer ( tube)? If I hire someone to do it, how much would it be? We have Whirlpool brand (clothing)washer and dryer.

Since the house is 5 years old ( we bought it new), should I paint the house ( inside and outside)? If not, how many years should I wait to paint it?

Also, some of the tops of the stove is not turning on when I turn the nob. What should I do about this?

Please let me know.