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    Hello everyone. Im looking for some ideas on how to create a cycloramic wall.

    For those not familiar with it, a cycloramic wall curves where the wall meets the floor forming a nice smooth radius transition.

    The wall to floor transition I can handle but where I run into problems is that I want to have a compound radius in the corner where two walls meet. SO not only does the back and side walls curve to meet the floor but the curve to meet each other. This aspect itself is also pretty straight forward but where im stumped is where the 2 walls meet each other and the floor since the curve into each other and down to the floor.

    Does this make sense? Any one have any ideas or tips on how to fashion this? Im probably going for about a 2' radius.

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    Sorry I can't offer any help on this, but do hope you will post some pictures of the process and the finished project.

    I did find this site perhaps the information on the site will help.
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    If my theater friend had email, I could ask him for specifics, as he used to build them for a living.
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