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    Default Hardwood floor instaltion tips and tools?

    I will soon be installing new hardwood in my kitchen. I pan on stripping back to the subfloor this weekend. Can anybody share last minute tips and I'm also trying to figure out what tools I need.

    flooring 3/4" Bolivian Rosewood... on top of 1950 diagonal slat sub-floor.

    Tool Questions
    Nailing: I have a coworker who used just a good old claw hammer, But I'm think of renting either a manual or air nailer. I have the most basic of home air compressors will a air nailer even work? (or should I buy I've found a number of tools you can buy a cheap one for about the same cost as a short rental, wet saw, wallpaper steamer... Both worked great for my little job)
    Saw: I bought a used compond miter saw. What kind of blade should I get?

    How to?
    I've done a little bit of homework but Can anybody recommend a really good how to site? I'm fairly handy and I have a general idea of what I'm getting into but I'd prefer to do things right instead of winging it. (I've just skimmed through TOH's how to)

    Any last minute tips

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    Default Re: Hardwood floor instaltion tips and tools?

    look on youtube for demonstrations.

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    Default Re: Hardwood floor instaltion tips and tools?

    I can't finish the project quickly, so I bought a manual flooring nailer at homedepot. It's not expensive and easy to use. Not much strength needed.


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